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Conversations, be it text or voice, are an essential component of any business transaction and customers tend to rate a business on the sheer quality of the conversations they have had while conducting business. Bottom line is Conversations are an inherently human activity. Cerina Studio’s Conversational Platform with its innovative language-based AI technology incorporates this human element in your conversations.
It is challenging, time-consuming and complex to build an effective intelligent virtual assistant. The process involves identifying use-cases, creating custom workflows, developing bots, designing conversations, integrating custom features, and stress testing. Cerina studios-Specific smart skills are pre-built conversational journeys designed by conversation designers and linguist experts, so you do not need to start from nothing. Our Natural Language models are tailored to e-commerce, Telecom, Insurance, Financial lending, and Gaming.

Deployment Models

We understand the unique business challenges and the environment in which an enterprise may operate. Keeping these diverse factors in mind, Cerina Studio has been designed to be deployed in diverse business environments offers different licensing models.

General Cloud Licensing

Cerina Studio’s own production servers will be used to create and manage the bot. Once the bot is created, Cerina Studio will provide the enterprise user the credentials to integrate it with their business applications.

Managed Cloud Licensing

Cerina Studio will deploy a dedicated cloud server for the enterprise user considering the user’ traffic and the bot will be created on this independent server.

On Premise Licensing

Cerina Studio will deploy the entire conversational AI platform on the enterprise user’ premise. This will be an end-to-end deployment with full spectrum security


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