Revolutionized Personalized Banking!!!


With high pace grow in AI market, Banks have been the early birds to utilize the new age technologies that achieve a widespread commercial success.

It is essential for banks and other financial institutions to converse with customers in order to provide top notch service. To achieve this they have leveraged technology to the fullest.

It all started with internet banking in the late 90s, then came in mobile banking with the smartphone revolution in the world. Now with the emergence of AI and Virtual Assistants backed with Machine Learning, Conversational Banking has upped its game!!

Banking Industries have hardly taken time to provide smarter automation solutions to meet every growing expectations of customers!!


“Customer Service is the most important aspect of delivering better customer experience for banks.”

– The US Banking Customer Experience Index, 2018 by Forrester.


Lately, Conversational AI has seen a tremendous growth with AI-powered Chatbots in ‘Banking Domain’.

Cerina Studio is one such platform that charts a path to connect intelligent, human – centric & futuristic technologies and interactive virtual assistants which takes customer interaction to a higher level with the facility of integrating with leading messaging applications like; Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Microsoft Teams etc. and allowing easy communication.

Here are some major features of a virtual assistant that provides a personalized banking experience:

  • Credit Card payment made easy with just a click away.
  • Quick balance check of your account in a PDF format (format flexibility available).
  • Transfer money within seconds.
  • Easily add beneficiary with few conversations.
  • Effortlessly check of Payee List.


  • Find the nearest ATM with Google Maps.


  • Easy check on last transaction as a Mini-Statement.
  • Detailed information on how to apply for a Debit or a Credit Card and a Loan.
  • Need a human touch? Switch your assistant to a Live Agent.
  • Integrate your assistant with WhatsApp for effective customer usage.

Count on Cerina Studio to revamp the Banking Methods with emerging technology. Hurry Up and Get Started: Request a Demo

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